I was born and raised in a christian family. Thus I was exposed to the teachings of god and Jesus. As a “good” christian I was going regularly to the church at least once a week, I was praying twice a day to god, I was being taught by my parents and priests about love of god, sins of humanity and how we should be living principles of god in our daily life. 

And I was growing up trying to live the best I could what I have learned from Jesus’s teachings – “Love thy neighbor as thyself” and “Do unto other as would like to be done unto you”. But the reality of the daily life was different. People around me did not live what they taught me. I noticed that there are so many Christians ( “believers in god” ) who were doing a lot of destruction and harm to others. Later they were just going to the church, confessing their sins to the priest who was forgiving them their sins in the name of god and holy ghost. And afterwards they were going back home repeating the same sins. And this was going on and on without making any effective change whatsoever in their lives.

But whenever I was asking the question why is it like this, I was given the answers: “…we have to survive somehow in this world…” or “… everybody else is doing it so why should you not do the same…?” etc.

I did not like it at all. I did not agree with it. I questioned it and continued to live the principle of Jesus, despite of other people around me. Sometimes it was not easy and I have also made mistakes but the main principle of “doing unto others as I would like be done unto me” was always there. 


I was growing up. I was observing the world around me. And it was for me quite normal and natural to ask questions and expect to get the answer. But the answers that I heard from my parents, teachers, priests etc. were not always completely satisfying and explaining all of my questions. For example I have noticed that there are people in this world who could do unusual things that were seemingly unexplainable - I refer to geniuses, gurus from Asia, shamans, healers, magicians etc. Many of the things that they have performed could not be explained be the science and the religion was giving unclear answer that this was just and gift coming from god or the devil. But this was not enough for me because I wanted to know how and why. I knew and I was certain somehow that if somebody can do something then everybody else should be able to do the same. 

Thus I was on the search to find the answers for my questions. At the age of about 19 years of age I came across the first book about spirituality. The title of this book was “The secret powers of the mind”. And so I started to get more satisfying answers to my questions. I started to practice meditation and most of the things that I have read in the books because I needed to prove to myself that this is true.

I have dedicated a lot of my time into studying, investigating and practicing the techniques of creation through meditation and visualization ( law of attraction ). And with the time I have learned and I was able to create and manipulate my reality according to my desires and goals. I wanted to make my life easier this way ( also desiring to become rich ) and at the same time I wanted to show other people with my example that they could also make the changes in their life. Not all of my goals have been fulfilled. But there were too many occurrences and situations happening in my life, which took out of the question the element of luck or coincidence. First I set myself a goal and later this was happening in my life. Sometimes sooner and sometimes later but it was happening. Not all was happening exactly as I wanted and the way I have imagined it to be. With some situations I was not completely satisfied but others were even better then I expected. Anyway all of this was not just a pure luck or coincidence. It was happening because of applying the tools of creation and manifestations that I have learned from the books. 

I went through different stages and various teachings of many people. But the most influential books and teachings were: 

  • “Life and teaching of the masters of the far east” by Baird T. Spalding
  • “Alchemy” by St. Germain
  • “Teachings of Seth”
  •  “Teachings of Ramtha”


In 2007 I have discovered Desteni Group. They had a lot of educational material about spirituality, religion, god and about our world ( why and how ). This was the next important stage in getting more answers and correcting errors. Their material and information is not so easy to comprehend in the beginning for most of the people. And the reason is that they have never heard about it before in their life. It seems to them like a blasphemy, science fiction, utopia or fairy story. But in my case was a little bit different. I have studied and practiced spirituality extensively for many years. I have proven already many things for myself. And listening to the material of Desteni Group was basically confirming what I have learnt and discovered already for myself. And it was also the process of connecting the dots and filling the missing gaps in the understanding of the puzzle of what is going on in this world.

Of course I have also learnt a lot of new things which were completely 'mind blowing' and showing me that despite my intensive knowledge and practice I was still lost, mistaken and manipulated. I didn’t deny or reject it even though it was like a fairy story. I listened to it and of course I went into proving it for myself. And I did. Not all of it yet. But I am in the process of doing it further. As I said before I have already proven for myself many things and discarded a lot of illusions.


I have spent a lot, a lot of my time on studying and investigating spirituality but at least I have found satisfying answers for many of my questions. I have found the answers which I couldn't receive from my parents, school and the christian religion. I realized why our world is literally fucked. I realized that our world is just reflection of our inside. And we will never be able to make any changes in the world unless we make changes in ourselves. This is nothing new. Many beings ( including Jesus ) were trying to teach us about it but we have not understood at all their message. We ( humans ) are very limited in our understanding but at the same time we have a strongly ingraved believe that we are the most intelligent beings on this planet. We fear to take the responsibility for what is happening in our lives and the world in general and we give up our power to outside entities ( for example god ) hoping that he will save us from our misery and suffering. Unfortunately this is not going to happen because this is impossible to do. Nobody can change you. You are the only being in the universe who can change you. Others may support you but they will never be able to change you. I say it again: “this is impossible”.